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Save 50% on the TP-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Works with Amazon Alexa - Deal Alert

The TP-LINK HS100 smart plug†is quite simply a power outlet that you can control from anywhere. Using your smartphone, you can turn devices on & off, set programs to turn them on & off at set times while youre away, or engage a countdown timer which powers the switch off after a set amount of time. Installation is simple -- just plug a device into your smart plug and connect to your wifi network. The HS100 is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, for voice control. Buy multiple plugs and...

Star Wars: Battlefront II - Resurrection review: A disappointing end to Iden Versio's story

It doesnít get any better. Thatís all you really need to know about this weekís Star Wars: Battlefront II mini-expansion. Timed to land alongside The Last Jediís theater release, itís the first bit of post-launch content for Battlefront II and adds stuff thatís theoretically tied to the movieómeaning Finn and Captain Phasma as heroes, plus a new ground map set on the planet Crait (which given the loot crate controversy is a pretty ironic name) and new space battle map set around DíQar.To read...

iMac Pro first look: Appleís most powerful Mac is a multiprocessing beast

Made for video editing, 3D graphics, VR, and software development, Apples new pro Mac is an engineering feat....

Samsung's Notebook 9 Pen is ready for your scribbles, drawings and more

Samsungs Notebook 9 Pen is a slender 360-degree laptop thats committed to the stylus way of doing things. Of course theres a keyboard, but this convertible laptop wants to make it easy for you to scribble, tap, and create with your hand.Announced Wednesday night, the Notebook 9 Pen and several other Notebook 9 models will ship in Korea first, then the United States in the first quarter of 2018. Prices were not disclosed.†Why this matters: Samsung announced the Notebook 9 Pen and several other...

Excel functions: 7 ways to use Text functions to manage data

Excelís Text functions are a major time saver if your job entails managing massive data, especially data thatís imported from other sources. Fortunately, all ASCII data is easily imported, but the format of that imported data can vary drastically from one source to another.For example, fields may be delimited, such as †with tabs, spaces, commas, or periods. Aany other characters are all preferable to spaces. Thatís because spaces not only exist in between fields, they also separate words with...

Verizon's free NFL streaming deal is good for cord cuttersóbut there's a catch

NFL games will be free to stream on smartphones next year, but watching on TV could still cost you....

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